Why Purchase and Eat Wild Caught Shrimp?

Thursday, August 27th, 2009 | Posted in: All Things Shrimp, Uncategorized

Frankly, Wild Caught Shrimp are the Best Choice for your health and taste buds!

“Why bother to eat shrimp if they have no flavor? How many times have you had that thought after purchasing shrimp (probably imported) from your grocer or ordered at a restaurant? Imported and farm raised shrimp are, typically very bland in flavor. Of course, once you dress them up with butter, spices, and cocktail sauce, you can fool yourself into thinking that they’re delicious. But is that the taste of the shrimp? Would it be any different if it was chicken or some other type of meat? Wild caught South Carolina shrimp are sweet to the taste…without all the sauces. Once you eat wild caught shrimp you’ll never want imported shrimp again. That’s why we consistently get orders from all over the United States…even from people who live in coastal areas of the Florida Gulf Coast. There is nothing like the sweet taste of wild caught South Carolina shrimp.

Did you know that many imported, farm raised shrimp contain antibiotics, growth hormones or animal byproducts? And that many of these chemicals have potentially cancer-causing agents in them? Do you really want this in your body? Our All American Wild Shrimp are safe to eat, they come from clean waters of the South Carolina coast and taste better than the bland flavor of imported, farm-raised shrimp. These shrimp come from our docks to your front door.

Play it safe by asking for domestic wild caught shrimp when you eat out, and of course, when you are cooking at home. “All American Wild Shrimp” from Port Royal Seafood is always locally caught wild shrimp. From Jumbo Shrimp to the smaller salad size shrimp and every size in between, we are your wild caught shrimp specialists!

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